Atlantic Coriander Smash by @nessmixedit

We asked Ness to create a cocktail with our Thai Basil gin and she created this amazing serve….

I wanted to demonstrate that a traditional gin basil smash can be used as a blueprint for other herbs in leading a serve. Coriander works fabulously with this gin- and as a less dominant herb than basil it lets the gin keep centre stage.


50ml Atlantic Spirit Thai Basil Gin

17.5ml Lemon Juice

15ml Warmed Honey

7 Coriander Leaf

Garnish:Coriander Leaf

First gently muddle the leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and the other ingredients. Shake, strain and serve with a coriander leaf.

A deliciously thirst quenching cocktail, refreshing with a subtle sweetness. Enjoy!

Thanks to Ness for the mix!

Photo and cocktail by @nessmixedit