Our locally foraged botanicals are from the Atlantic coastline,
something we are passionate about protecting. This bottle is designed to be re-used
and recycled.

We’ve changed from paper labels to a ceramic printed bottle. The ceramic inks are cured at 600°c, in a process that takes over two hours in an oven type kiln called a Lehr. Once cured, these inks are highly durable.

This means that if you can return the bottle and cork to us we will give you £1 off your next purchase and your old bottle will be washed and cleaned ready for re-filling. Of course, returning bottles to us is not easy if you don’t live in North Devon but if we get 20-40% of our bottles back, that’s already a massive recycling effort. We will also be collecting all the local bottles from bars and restaurants on re-order and will be asking a few key places in North Devon to act as our collection points. If you can’t get the bottle back to us then they’ll look great on the table with some of your garden flowers :0)

Once we get through the next couple of weeks and bars start re-opening we will post up the designated collection points (bear with us!) …