Atlantic Spirit

Micro-batch DISTILLED on the ATLANTIC COAST with locally foraged ingredients.

Hand crafted artisan gin, distilled in our alembic Copper Pot stills with only 120 bottles per batch. 


No. 1 Hibiscus - Made with Hibiscus flowers, liquorice root (no aniseed flavour just sweetness), and citrus fruits. Soft sweetness and long flavour from the subtle balance of hibiscus and liquorice root, leaving a hint of spice and juniper on the finish. A pleasant hibiscus and citrus nose. Serve with a plain or Mediterranean tonic and a slice of lime.
No. 2 Lemon & Thyme - No lemons were harmed in the making of this as we use lemon balm to create the flavour, along with 2 selected local thymes, this is a beautiful gin. Lemon sherbet all the way with a citrus fruit and juniper finish. Super smooth with a fresh lemon citrus scent on the nose. Serve with a plain or Elderflower tonic, a slice of lemon and sprig of rosemary.
No. 3 Samphire – Using locally foraged tidal Samphire, this gin gives an exceptional taste and succulent texture creating a super clean flavour. Micro-batch produced as we only pick small amounts, following the foragers code. Fresh coastal breeze on the nose, no, it's not salty! Serve with a plain tonic (not slimline) and a slice of crisp apple or blackberry.
No. 4 Lundy Gin – Based on the Lemon & Thyme with the addition of handpicked Gorse flowers from Abbotsham cliffs, giving this gin a soft honeyed sweetness. A really refreshing gin. Serve with a plain tonic, slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary.
No. 5 Thai Basil – Using fresh Thai Basil leaves this gin is packed with flavour, liquorice notes and sweetness from the basil. Great with a seafood meal or just as a refreshing gin on a hot summers day. Serve with a plain tonic, slice of lime and a regular basil leaf.
No. 6 Laver Gin – Using locally foraged laver seaweed from Abbotsham cliffs this is a true labour of love. Another micro-distilled gin to preserve the small amounts of local laver available, this gin has the aroma of a sea breeze and tastes like a truly clean refreshing gin. It’s not salty – it just tastes amazing… Serve with a plain tonic ( not slimline) and a slice of pink grapefruit.
No. 7 Sea Buckthorn - We told you we were always working on something...... Our Special Edition Gin for the end of the summer comprises 2 different botanicals, foraged within 4 miles of our home. One is Sea Buckthorn , you can take a look here: http://sea buckthorn wildlife trusts Often used to make jellies and preserves. It has a very tart flavour, like sour orange or mango. It can also be likened to pineapple which is why we chose..... Pineapple weed :http://Pineapple weed wildlife trusts It has feathery leaves and yellow flower heads. When crushed these give the distinct scent of pineapple. So when these two combine it gives a citrus led gin with a real nose of pineapple. Fruity and distinctive. Serve with a plain tonic and a slice of pineapple. Orange and mango work well too.