From The Crows Nest

A Bi-weekly newsletter from the distillery.
Empty bottles….
Since redesigning our bottles just over 18 months ago, we have been able to reuse them. The label is printed on to the bottle. This is a ceramic print which Seaways Services complete for us.
So far, we have started out small, collecting from local bars and restaurants. Saying that, at times this summer it has felt like I was drowning under a sea of bottles waiting to be stripped of labels, washed, dried, checked, then rinsed again before refilling.
So far, we have collected and reused over 200 bottles this year.
Sea Buckthorn & Pineapple weed, our Limited-Edition gin to celebrate the Summer.
It has proved popular because of its fruity nose and taste. It starts with citrus, then a full creamy texture, finishing with hints of pineapple.
The humble pineapple weed was such a surprise to us when we picked it and then tested it out last year, so we knew we had to use it. It certainly balances out the strong, dry citrus notes from the Sea Buckthorn making for a well-balanced gin.
There are only 10 bottles left, so get ordering if you want one!
Local Deliveries
Don’t forget, if you live within a 10-mile radius of Bideford then we deliver to your home for free when you order online. Just add ‘LOCAL’ in the coupon box.
I then add you on to my regular delivery round. I’m like the milkman, but better!