Dirty Laver Martini by @nessmixedit

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She created this one for us and we absolutely love it..

This serve was a must make! I have a real soft spot for dirty martinis and with such a lovely locally foraged laver seaweed gin. Such a clean and artfully balanced gin which really shined in this serve. I found myself sitting, sipping and just in awe of the story this gin tells in this serve.


70ml Atlantic Spirit Laver Gin

15ml Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth

12.5ml Olive Brine


I usually keep a miniature Laver in my freezer for Martini making.. add Vermouth first into a cold glass with the brine and then add the gin. Stir, sip and enjoy. This is one classy Martini. Thanks Ness.

Photo and cocktail by @nessmixedit 2021